Need help fixing MP stuttering on movement mod

I’ve been searching for answers all over the web to what seems should be a simple issue in my mod, Better Flyers. I test the mod in the ADK or in SP and it works just fine, but when it runs in Multiplayer, then every time a flyer changes speed, it rubberbands. When it is diving, it can reach maximum speed fairly quickly, and the rubberbanding will stop while it maintains that velocity, but this rubberbanding while changing speed makes the mod completely unusable in MP.

Testing in the ADK has shown that the issue occurs when the ADK is run with the Dedicated Server feature as well as in the main game’s MP, and according to research I’ve done, I’ve got a theory that the Server is constantly overriding the flyer’s location based on different calculations from the client. So- the big question:

How can I force the Server to use the client’s calculated location and speed, rather than overwriting it?

Any leads on where I could look, and tips, any information whatsoever is helpful. I would love to make this mod stop stuttering so that private server owners can finally play with it and enjoy it just like those in singleplayer.

Higher speeds = more desync. Not sure you can mod that out of the game. Also how would you broadcast the players position to everyone else if thats all done client side?