Need help fixing bright Sprite sheets for paper 2D sidescroller

Hello I have created pixel art at the resolution of 256x256 put into a 2048x2048 tile set inside photoshop with the setting or rgb with 16 bit channels nearest neighbor on image and exported as a png. when importing the image starts out looking fine but when i create a tile set from it the art becomes way to bright. I have tried to save it both srgb toggled and not and no fix, this brightness carries on to painting it in tile grid and also in editor and playtesting but does no look like that in the original image file. I have tried a number of other fixes i found online but nothing is working.

Hey @Celcius3! Have you tried changing the material for your sprites? You can switch to MaskedLitSpriteMaterialEmissive and adjust the emissive parameter. Check out this post on the topic!

Hello and thanks for the speedy reply, I looked in my sprite sheet texture and did not see anything i could change for its material and the same went with my tile set, I am wondering if the material setting can only be changed with a single sprite at a time and to be clear this is an environment tile set I planned on creating a tile grid to paint a level with. thanks!

Could you show some screenshots of how it looks, or maybe your used tileset for testing?
How is your scene built or set up?

(if things become way to bright, that look normal in the material, one of my first suspicions would be auto exposure)