Need Help Fixing a Blueprint Widget

This issue I’m having is that when I’m at the main menu and click option it transition to the option menu but when I press the back button it suppose to transition back to the main menu. The reason it doesn’t is because of this error. For the main menu to transition to the option I didn’t have to add anything to the target for it to work. Thank you for the help.

I’m getting this error:

This blueprint (self) is not a MainMenu3D_BP_C, therefore ‘Target’ must have a connection

Here is the blueprint of where the error is happening:

Here is the MainMenu3d_BP for the transitioning:

Here is the Menu3D_BP Actor:

Here is the Class Settings and Blueprint for the MainMenu_BP:
class setting

Lastly, here is the Level Blueprint:

I was following a YouTube video named “Unreal Engine- 3D Menu Tutorial”. I did exactly what they guy is doing and I double check multiple times but I don’t understand why my back button won’t compile.

What it means by ‘target must have a connection’ is where this function is being implemented.

If you want to send a message to someone, you need to have their address. In this case, get the address by referencing your “MainMenu3d_BP” and connect it to that error node.

I hope I don’t misunderstand your goal here. :slight_smile:

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o/ You’ve correctly bound an custom event to happen, when event dispatcher will be called (red circle and red line)
This even dispatcher exists in MainMenu_3d_BP

But now in place where you call this event (not in MainMenu_3d_BP), You have to again refer to place from where this even exists (MainMenu_3d_BP), essentially you have to repeat green circle part in place You’ve shown us, where you call event dispatcher to happen

Like in my example: NewEventDispatcher exists in New Blueprint class but I am calling it from SomeOtherBlueprint class

Hope that clarifies stuff

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I got it to work thank you for the help. I went into the options widget, then went to class setup, and assign the parent class to main menu. I don’t know if that is the most efficient way to do it but I’m going to try out the way you told me and see if that work out better. @UnrealVerseGuru

I understood what you was saying. Thank you for the help. :slightly_smiling_face: @56legion

Happy it works :slight_smile:
You don’t need to inherit from it. It’s perfectly fine to retrieve object containing EventDispatcher and just dispatch event on it.

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