Need help finishing this

Hello everyone my name is Kareem and well i have this problem with this blueprint. This fine gentlemen who i believe is a staff member helped me through this but no matter what i try i can not seem to get this to work! so please take a look:

The other widget :


Basically this is what i see when i hit play :

What im trying to do is have the buttons randomly spawn on that screen this is the size of the screen :

I tried everything but ■■■■ this is hard cant figure it out! please help THANKS!

But whats wrong with it?

When I hit play nothing happens I’m not sure why

This is a known issue with the mobile joysticks and UMG. Depending on when you initialize your Widgets and add them to the viewport you may add them to the viewport BEFORE the engine creates and adds the joysticks. The problem is that the mobile joysticks are hit test visible and they take up the entire screen. So they absorb all hit test events.

A fix is coming in 4.7 that changes all widgets in UMG to start at a ZOrder larger than the mobile joysticks so that the joysticks are the last thing to get a chance to receive events.

A temporary workaround would be to add a small delay before you add the widget to the screen, or enable/disable the mobile joysticks until you’re actually in the game and need them.