need help figuring out how to get values withing range in blueprint

Ok so in my blueprint in the edit I need to have an exposed “Angle” value to the user. This has a range from 30-49 This is in degrees and will be an integer. the problem I have is in unreal it seems that 0 pointing straight up and 90 degrees is flat with the horizon. I need to reverse this some how. I need to be able to enter a Value of 90 in for vertical and 0 for flat.

Please help I’m uber frustrated

Thanks in advance.

It sort of depends on your model what “Up” should be.
Regardless, it isn’t hard to do what you want, just offset the angle.


Front view, changing angel variable:

I had just figured that out about 30 sec before the email notification popped up lol

Thanks for taking the time though. I do appreciate it