Need Help Exporting Brush to Blender 2.7

Hey Guys real newbie in UE4, spent the day blocking out a little Gun Range that is starting to look pretty good for a first attempt, but im having some issues exporting the blocks into blender so i can use them as a guide to model are Static mesh replacement that looks a little better then a few blocks, i can manage to get things inported from blender(though im not sure how to make the collisions yet) but when i export the brushes and import them into blender i cant see them, they appear in the scene list but not in my view.

Thanks in advance

Are they on a layer that is turned off? Are they scaled really small/large? Maybe they aren’t reading as valid faces, have you tried selecting them and going into edit mode to see if there are any verts there?

Those are my three go-to things to check when stuff doesn’t seem to be showing up upon import in blender.

In most cases they are just scaled too large -> just select them and scale them down

Here is a collision tutorial: