Need help editing font of text render.

So i am following this video UE4 Tutorial | Import Fonts for UMG, Text Render, etc. - YouTube but when he goes into the font list i can’t find my font like he does.

No at 5:22

If you just use a normal font file the text render disappears.

Do you mean at 1:35?

Or after you have imported it.

Ok, you don’t need to do ANY of that stuff. Just get or make your font as a *.ttf, import it into UE, BOOM, that’s it.

No for a text render you need a distance field version.


The dialog he has open at 5:22 is what you get if you also make the font available to windows.

I think that just entails dragging it to a fonts folder somewhere, but I’m afraid you’d have to look that up…

Thank you it actually worked now.