Need Help: Edit Consumable Food Blueprint, Save it, and Add to single player.

I’ve been trying for two days and I can’t get the kit to save the blueprints as just themselves instead of an entire map. I know how to lengthen the spoil time to basically years, I’m just to annoyed and tired of feeding 50 dinos without worrying about them starving to death, but I can’t figure out how to save it as just blueprint mods instead of an entire map. Can I please have some step by step help.

Excuse the grammar. Grammar is not my strong point.

If your mod is showing up purely as a map after cooking it out, then you need to make sure your PrimalGameData follows this exact name structure: PrimalGameData_CustomModNameHere. The PrimalGameData HAS to be in front, and exactly as I typed it, otherwise it will only cook out as a map. This sounds like what your problem is.

I don’t know how to do that. I only know how to change the values on the item. Can you please give me a step by step after I change the item properties please.!%29

Please watch the top video in that link for a tutorial on how to create a mod.

Thank You very much.

Unless you are wanting to change spoil timers individually, a very quick solution to your problem can be done in the game.ini to globally adjust spoil timers.


Thank you. I’m trying to make copies of items so there will still be a spoil version for narcotics. If I can’t get it to work in the end I’ll use the codes. I’m still stuck with the map even after watching and following the tutorial at least 4 times. It appears as map on my game and not a mod like I want it.

Could be related to the update they posted a few days ago: “As of v190, Mods need to have their PrimalGameData asset contain the string “PrimalGameData” at the START of the asset name, in order to function properly on dedicated servers and be listed in the “Mod” section of the UI (such as “PrimalGameData_MyModWhatever”).”

^ that is the only thing that will cause that to happen. You need your PrimalGameData to be at the root mod folder as well.

I removed the BP extension in the name, but it’s still coming out a map. It has to be something with the save or something. I can only save it as a umap format.

Oh wait. I fixed it. Thank you Sinarisinesto. I was missing the original PrimalGameData. And thank you everyone else for the help. I really really appreciate it. <3

Well I’m back. I managed to get it uploaded and in the mod section, but the mod itself is not working. I want to add my none spoil copies to the game. I want to be able to harvest the berries from the bushes and the meat from the dead dinos. I put the new items in the Seed Harvest Components and some of the dino Harvest Components and added them to my mod file. I also added them to the master file in the PrimalGameData in my mod file. They still aren’t appearing in game though. Anyone Know what I am missing or what the problem may be?

don’t change the master item list.

use the item remap array, ressource remap array etc…

if it still don’t work, it’s because you missed some file that you need to duplicated and link.

Okay, I found the remap section, but what do I put in the place of box (From Class) and (To Class)? I’m sorry about asking for the little details. I can’t find any tutorials on this little stuff.

from is your mod file, to the original file or so i seem to remember search in the forum post to find exactly which it is, never use it, only did try thing on dino for now :smiley:

No luck. It’s still not in the game.

Still need help x.x

So you need to modify the berry?
You need to look for this file
For example Amarberry :


Make a child of it or copy it (recommend to create a child from parent class) by drag the file to your chosen folder

Then modify your spoil time

Then go to the PrimalData file

Go down to remap section
(I dont know if this is necessary but i remap the berry in both resource remap and item remap)

From is the original file
To is your modified one

After that, it should show up in game (i modded all my berry so i know for sure that this is working)

Thank you. I’ll give it a try right now.