Need help! developing skills in unreal ex/ ai to crawl on walls, hair/cloth physics TUTOR NEEDED!

Hey there,

I am looking for a tutor like situation, so I can help broaden the game I’m currently designing. the game is a VR horror game and I’m missing some key knowledge to make this game a ‘WOW’ factor.

I’m looking for someone to help me with the following , as well as to teach me step by step how it was done.

  • need help to create enemy A.I. to crawl and run from walls and ceilings (already have all animations and character design)

  • need help with hair physics , I have followed countless youtube tutorials but just can’t seem to get my characters with workable/realistic hair physics. HELP*

  • how to create realistic fog that “swooshes on collision with other objects” like real smoke or fog. (if possible)

funds are low but I defiantly would appreciate the help in anyway possible and i’ll compensate you as best I can.


Reach out to me on my website if you’re interested.