Need help dealing with nonsensical data usage in game

I have searched everywhere I can think of but cannot find a solution for this problem. When I play fortnite (br mode if that matters), it’s consuming a very large amount of data in a very short time. I noticed it since around this season. The game alone takes some 300 MB in one match. I have tracked app usage with windows and other tools and have confirmed that it is fortnite and only fortnite that is causing this issue. Its download speed jumps up and down between 0.8Mbps and 9Mbps while playing. Random encounters with other players cause around another 50 MB of download in just a few seconds. I don’t know why this started happening and it is impossible to play for those with metered connections and daily limits.
Tried limiting the game’s download speed using NetLimiter but all it did was create enormous packet loss and worse ping spikes. Somebody please help me out here. It’s frustrating and no one has heard of this.

I have tried several other online games since and nothing else gets these frequent ping spikes. Happens every 1 minute or so, especially when there are players nearby. There is nothing wrong with the firewall and I have tried all regions. The absurd data usage and ping fluctuations happen regardless of whether I use the limiter or not. Only difference when it’s on is the added packet loss. This game is in very bad condition right now.