Need Help creating new type of inventory system.

Hello All,

I am new to the Ark modding community so I apologize if I’m asking questions that are very basic. I want to create a new type of structure which is a “Personal Vault”. The idea of this vault is that it’s a single structure, but every player who accesses it has a unique inventory and the player will only see the items that they deposited, and each player would have their own slot cap on the inventory. I have been looking through all the available options and I’m struggling to come up with a strategy here. I was thinking I could do something like make a new component which has a HashMap which maps player ID to an inventory component, and any time the structure’s inventory is requested, the request is forwarded to the specific player’s inventory component. But in order to do that, I would need to forward the inventory request to another object and I’m not sure that’s actually possible. If anyone can think of a strategy for possibly accomplishing this sort of task, or maybe just a nudge in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated. Also please let me know if you would like more clarification on my project. Thank you.

I have one idea to accomplish that.
You will need to create a structure that will contain the player id, and a few arrays to contain the item, quantity, quality etc
This structure will then be saved as an array of structures in a custom save game, while the player is accessing the inventory
But before that, you will need to create in your inventory blueprint, an event dispatcher and call it after the event BPAccessed Inventory
Then in your storagebox, in the event Begin Play, you have to Bind to the created inventory event dispatcher, so that every time a user
access the inventory, your code is called in the storagebox. When your code is called, you will then load your save game, and read the user structure of
the user acessing the inventory(you need to pass the Player Controller as an argument

in the event dispatcher).
After reading that player structure, you will then populate that storagebox inventory, with what the structure contains, item, quantity, quality etc
Let me know if you have any problem. I could later make an example for you.
Edit: Creating a save game is optional, you can create the array of structures directly in your storagebox and set it to Save Game, this way the array will be saved with the default Ark save game.
Edit2: Everytime i talk about a structure, i mean a “Blueprint Structure”