[Need Help] Creating dynamic Collision chain rope


i’m new and i try for few days to create my proper chain rope with dynamic collision.
I explain, i wanted to have dynamic collision when, an object, pnj, or my character, touch it.

i use some tutorials, but i think i don’t do the right thing.

that’s why i request your knowledge.

i used some of these meshes :


and merged them to create this : a static mesh


i try to export this mesh, and import on skeletal mesh. And that’s all i do for now. i think something is wrong, but i don’t know what.

Thanks for your help.

I FOUND A SOLUTION This first part was done on Blender

1 : i import my FBX on Blender

2 : on “Edit Mode” : point your start Bone (for me to the top of my mesh) by pressing : Shift + right clickmouse

3 : on “Object Mode” Press : Shift + A for adding Armature

4 : select your Armature and drag it to the the end of your mesh (for me in this exemple) by pressing : G and Z (Z representing the axes you want to move).

for more adjustment of your bone, select vertex (in picture) press again G and Z and keep the CTRL button pressed (you’ll see the difference).

5 : on “Edit Mode” Press : right click and subdivide and select the number of cuts you need (for me i needed 20 cuts).

6 : on “Object Mode” Select your mesh first (it’s important) and your Armature and press : CTRL + P and select “With Automatic Weights”

7 : Export in FBX [COLOR=#000000]This second part was done on UE4[/COLOR]

1 : import your FBX (its necessary to select skeletal Mesh in import settings)

2 : open your physics asset and, in the Skeleton Tree select all by pressing : CTRL + A and delete all (in this example its my final result, so don’t look at this, just do the same things i say).

3 : on the tools panel set the “Min Bone Size” to 10 and Generate Bodies

4 : i finished to teach you, after this, you can press the simulate button to see the result and adjust on your mesh (rope, chain, bridge, etc…)