Need help creating a Objective system!

Hello all,

I am new to the forums and was looking for help in creating an objective system for a game I am looking to develop. Currently, I have set up a UI that on a key press will display the current objective using a function that gets the CurrentObjective Text variable from my first-person character. My problem is that I am looking to somehow create a list of predetermined objectives that each time one is completed the game updates the current objective to the next down in the list. I have set up a Blueprint Interface that sends the message of SetNewObjective, and added this to an actor with a cube collision so when the player overlaps with the collision, it sends that message. Now I am in my blueprint for my character and looking at how to create this objective ‘list’ and wondering how its possible to tell the game to move to the next in the list.

I am relatively new to Unreal so apologies if my current methodology is awful and technical language is garbage. Any help would be appreciated!