Need help creating a "Boo" Like enemy from Mario for a Side Scroller

Hey there!
My partners and I are trying to create an AI that will chase when not being looked at and stand still while being looked at for a game project. Just wondering if anyone had a video or anything for tips that could maybe help us achieve this!

Thanks for all of the feedback and have a nice day!

I can make a video on it but it’s really simple. On the ghost create a bool variable “isSeen” or something like that and set up a way of detection on the player side. It could be an overlap, a sight cone, a ray cast – options are plenty. If the ghost is detected, cast to that ghost or run a for each loop with “Get all actors of class → ghost” and set the variable. On the Ghost’s end, set it to peruse the player if “isSeen” is false.

Awesome! We’ll give a try thanks!