Need help changing default variables of child.

Need help changing default variables of child

I have a parent blueprint (Masteritem). Everytime I create an Item, I make a child of the masteritem.

The masteritem contains a itemdetails variable in the defaults. This is a struct I made that contains all variables needed for an item. Armor rating, damage, value etc.

Now im trying to make an item upgrading system. So how can I change these default variables to the children from the master item?

Thanks for any answears. Been stuck, tryiing everything the past 3 days.

sorry for bad english

I think you’ll find you can’t set the child variables from the details panel, you can only set them at runtime ( with code ).

How can I do that? Do you have any sources?

When you spawn the child, that’s when you get the variables. So you just pull a pin from the child variable and set variables, like that.