NEED HELP: Cant remove crafted item from custom smithy structure.

EDIT: Solved. Thanks for input.
Ive created a mod called “Kronos’ Trade Center” which adds a custom smithy variant containing blueprints for each of the egg variants. The issue I’m running into is that when I use this on the ADK test map I am able to craft and remove the crafted eggs from the inventory as they should be able to while leaving the blueprints untouched…However, once this mod was loaded onto both the dedicated i play on and the undedicated server I am non longer able to remove the crafted eggs form the inventory, but I can remove any other items placed in them. Any insight to this issue or a fix is much appreciated. I am brand new to modding so I’m not sure if i simply missed an option(s) or if there is a difference between ADK test and client side implementation that I don’t understand. Thanks Folks!

The only thing I can think of is to check for the “Allow removal from inventory” in the primalitemBP of your new craftable item

I found the issue, there is a allow removal from inventory check box on the craftable and a “force nonremovable inventory” on the smithy variant. In order to have the blueprints stay you need to check the force nonremovable in the smithy, but also have the allow remove form inventory checked in the craftable item to ensure that the crafted item can be removed. Simple mistake if i knew the smithy had that option :stuck_out_tongue: