Need Help Building Maps/Floors

Honestly, we are three friends that put together a pretty good story, in our opinion, for a video game. This is our first game and it is our dream to create a game and get it out there. We understand that some things below may not make sense or you may wonder what we mean when we are looking for candidates, but if you don’t mind having a fun side project and working with some pretty cool people, please consider giving us a shot. If you have any questions or would like to go over anything, please email us at Also, we are sorry if any of this isn’t following the normal template style. Enjoy.

We have been working on this project since September 12th, 2014. We are pretty solid on the story, atmosphere, and characters of the game. A big corporation has a plan to help save humanity by expanding and reaching other planets. But there are a group of people that doubt the project and believe it is a cover up for something else. You need to find what exactly is going on. We fell a little behind recently and would like to pick this back up, but we need a little help with developing some floors in our building.

All 3 of us are looking to work inside Unreal to develop the game, however we would like someone with a little experience or passion in using UE4 to join our team and help us out. We are new to the UDK and would like some help from people with a little more experience. We are looking at bringing people on with a contract that is both an NDA and helps pay you in the end if the game makes money. Please note we can only pay you in a share of what the game makes in the end as we don’t have anything upfront.

Please feel free to hit me up on Skype. Username is Mic.Schultz

What We Need
We have designed the floor layout and have the idea of what we are looking for along with texture packs to apply to the maps, however we need help actually making the map. If you are someone that is artistic and would like to simply design some floors, please hit us up. At the moment, we are running with 2 people designing floors and would like a 3rd to help us with some creative and good looking maps.

The main maps you would be working on would be something along the lines of:

  • Office floor
  • Infrastructure/Server floor
  • Science Fiction - server floor
  • Other Science Fiction Atmospheres

Again, you can reach me on Skype at mic.schultz or you can email me at