Need help - Boolean filter from data table

To whom this may concern.
I am quite new to unreal and am trying my best to adapt an existing BP to a new project with a new set of parameters.

The project consists of visually filtering certain appartments from the “viewport” based on a data table.

Currently the filter system works off of slider values (price and size) and enums (contains said word etc…) aswell as an orientation filter (North, East, S,W) that works off of a structure.

I am trying to add a new boolean variable (true or false) IE: Is it a penthouse or not.

  • If yes, show the appartment
  • If no, hide it.

I cant seem to get the filter to work properly and im sure its something stupidly simple. I’ve tried all sorts of boolean functions (and or, or, etc…) but i cant seem to find something that resembles a “true or false” function.

Could someone give me a hint?!

Thankyou so much!

Perhaps you’re looking for the Select node:


This will always return true if Penthouse is true, otherwise it will return whatever you plug into the False pin, which can be either true or false (data table boolean?)

The Select node is context sensitive, one giant wildcard:

It will change the way it works / looks depending on what you plug in or how you configure the pins.

If that’s not it, you may need to elaborate some more on the desired logic.

Thankyou so much for your answer! I actually found (by trying a bunch of things) the answer not too long after posting and yeh! The solution is exactly as you described it!