Need help BluePrinting!

When I’m in shooter game. On the right hand bottom of the screen is the weapon that is equipped and how much ammo I have. How to I make how much ammo I have, and what weapon I have equipped, In Blueprint on a third person template.

Ok so it isn’t that easy that I could just add screenshot or anything. I couldn’t find good tuts that cover this, so I’ll just explain the basics.

  • You will have int variable called Ammo
  • You have also int called CurrentWeapon
  • And you also have structure called Weapons, inside it some vars like MaxDistance, ShootingRate, WeaponName, WeaponMesh and make array of them in char BP.
  • When you shoot, you check if Ammo >0. If is, shoot and -1 from the Ammo and use the correct data from the struct, using CurrentWeapon
  • When you press a key, you toggle the Weapons, add some animations, set gun mesh.

It’s a big topic and nearly impossible to answer nicely, but I hope this helped, cheers! :slight_smile:

One idea is to create a text box which will contain the text saying how much ammo and such.
On the “text” you can create a binding, inside the binding so something similar to the following to connect to your player.
Get the ammo and max ammo and then just display it on the text bar.