Need help, black landscape..

Alright so I’ve been going at this issue for quite some time now. All I wanna do is get a landscape rolling with the base grass texture and be able to “paint” whatever materials I want onto the landscape… These are the results

It truly doesnt matter what I do, I’ve followed and tried at least 10 tutorials on youtube from start to finish, whatever I do my landscape ALWAYS turns out black and I cant do ****.

If I simply apply a standard grass texture when generating the terrain it will apply the texture and it all works out fine but then I cant apply new texture to paint on top of it, this is just a mayor *********** and I’ve been at this for soo long, appreciate all the help.

Thanks in advance!

What I REALLY want is for a quick and easy way to be able to paint whatever I want ontop of THIS ->

Because if I apply a texture like that it all works out just fine, BUT I cannot add any new texture to paint on top of it.

I actually figured it out, took my 7hours… Christ, sorry for this post.

How did you figure it out? I am also having the same problem