Need help beginning with UE4 C++ development

I am finding the documentation and tutorials unhelpful for working with C++ and I am having a lot of trouble finding other good resources to help me learn. I have a little experience with Unity and I know C#, Swift and Java. Google has been no help and I can’t use youtube due to an incredibly slow internet connection. It would be great if I could be given some resources to learn easier, particularly with Replication, Game/PlayerStates, GameMode and Characters/PlayerControllers.

Thanks in advance for helping!

The best place to find what you’re looking for is certainly the ShooterGame sample project. it can be downoaded from the Marketplace and is nearly 100% C++.

Anyway learning C++ with unreal is not an easy task, it will certainly painfull but i salute your bravery !

Thanks, it looks like this is what I need.