Need Help: Assertion failed: LockedData

Well I never post to forums but I’m literally at my last leg now before I just give up.
I get the attached error anytime I attempt to run the map in a standalone browser.

Assertion failed: LockedData

Occurs When:
Attempting to launch ANY map in a standalone browser via ADK

Additional Notes:

  • Any map includes blank maps, the default test map, custom maps, the island small, regular the island, I’ve tried them all just incase
  • Running in any other mode just locked up the ADK until I force close it [Waited 2 hours]
  • Running on a SSD on Windows 10
  • No, I do not have a H:\ Drive

Steps I’ve Taken:

  1. Revalidated ADK (6 times)
  2. Reinstalled ADK (2 times)
  3. Confirmed all my video drivers (GTX 960) are completely up to date
  4. Confirmed DirectX is completely up to date
  5. Attempted to alter standalone launcher to run on DX10
  6. Wiped my entire computer and did a full reinstall