Need help and support

My friend and I have decided to make a video game for something in our school. We don’t have a lot of time for this, but I think we can do it. I have used UE4 a little bit and have watched countless videos, but I need some help with things I may not understand how to do. The game is going to be small and doesn’t need to be great, but I want it to look like we tried. I hope you guys can help guide us in making this game.

What we wanted to do…

During WWI in trenches
Sidescroller puzzle game (no need for complicated AI)

Schools requirements for entry…

The game should have high artistic, educational, and social value.
Gameplay must be more than 3 minutes in length and be playable to the “5th” level
A working, interactive game will be submitted on a DVD

You can always ask your questions here in the forum or answerhub. We are always here to answer them :slight_smile: