Need help - AI turning toward player when in super speed!!!

Hi all,

I’m making a speedster game and I need the AI to be able to turn toward the player up to a point.

Naturally, the AI can track the player if he’s moving normally, but if they player goes into super speed, then the AI should NOT be able to track anymore.

I’ve tried Default Focus on Behavior tree, that’s no good for it tracks the player no matter how fast he is.
I’ve tried limiting the rotation speed in Character movement
I’ve tried using set actor rotation but that’s the same as default focus.

Anyone has any ideas on how to get the AI to turn at a set speed?


I’m not sure how your focusing but if this is not a blackboard I’d be using a check if the player is in a angle range and use a rinteropt speed that seems real so if it can’t keep up it would be outbid the angle and stop looking.

I tried rinterp and that seems to be working fine.
Do you know how I can get the delta for rotating? I want to trigger animations on rotation.

You could also get the Velocity of your Player character on your AI BP and then decide if you can rotate towards it or not.

If PlayerVelocity >= X, No rotation
ELSE FindLookAtRotation -> Use RInterp to rotate AI