Need help/advice on a rhythm type game

So trying to make a game in mobile that’s like a rhythm game similar to Hatsune Miku game that instead using bottoms you just tap on the screen on the phone.
Been trying to find tutorials but nothing… any suggestions is welcome.

something like this

Hi @tobioreo

The rhythm game is basically, choose a system to check if the player hit the right thing in the right time.
So there are a lot of ways to define these thigns.

Create some actors and move them toward the camera, when you hit the screen cast a raycast to detect if there is an actor on the “arrival line”,
if there is, you hit the right time, if no you missed.
You can create a clever actor that can have multiple static meshes…


H’m okay, will try what you suggested. Thanks you

also do you know a way to look up what you said of “the player hit the right thing in the right time?”

Look into raycast / line trace and the hit result from it.