Need Help Adding Engram to Fabricator

Basically the title says it all. It seems like it should be a simple task; for one armor item I would like to designate it to be in Armor>Folder2 of the fabricator craftables UI, but for some reason I can’t get it to work. I can craft the item if I place an in-game blueprint for it in the fabricator, but the engram isn’t appearing at all. With a little messing around, I was able to get it into the fabricator engrams by replacing the metal shirt engram, but I want the new item to be an addition, not a replacement.

It seems like it should be a simple task but I cannot find tutorials or documentation on the subject anywhere.


You have to add your engram to the ‘additional structure engrams’ array in the PrimalGamData file, and specify which structure to add it to, e.g. fabricator. Also, in the primal item file, you set the ‘default folder path’ so that it the Engram will be in the correct folder in the fabricator. At least I think that’s how it’s done, not actually at my computer at the moment.

If your looking to add in the invetory of the fabricator example: New Item. Go in to PrimalGameData > Additional Structure engrams, And on For class Select: StorageBox_Fabricator, Then you can add everything you want to it on the class additions tab, simply add: Primalitem_NewItem. When you learn the engram it should show on the Fabricator.


Okay, both of you thanks. I will try that and let you know how it works out! I tried that somewhat but I supposed it was for something else and I didn’t know how to properly use it.


Thanks so much!! It works! I don’t know why that was such a nightmare, but at least I understand what’s going on now.