Need Help - Adding a different equip animation per weapon

I am completely stuck. I was able to create one equip animation for a rifle but when I added a second animation via enum I cannot get it to play. Ill try to post some pictures that help describe my problem. any help would be greatly appreciated. I am learning unreal 4 on my own so I need a dumbed down version if anyone has one.

My idea to make this work was to create an enum of weapon type and then have the enum fire depending on what input was pressed. It works in the anim blueprint if under current weapon type I switch between rifle and pistol but I cant figure out what to add to the inputs to make the current weapon type switch when selected. The base weapon holds the enum weapontype and each child of that blue print is default with either pistol or rifle. I hope I explained that right.

Right click the image and open in new window.

Both play anims are set to rifle anims :slight_smile:

Yea i noticed that lol. It still wont play the pistol anim once I switch it over. I am pretty sure I am firing the enum wrong but I have no idea.