Need help about price!

i have few model for sale :

Rifle :

Thompson :

AK47 :

Pistol :

what price should i place for all this 4 models as one pack, and they are really low poly and all texture are 1024x1024

NOTE : models are not realistic and texture is not realistic when u remove shade its like hand painted, and some texture are still WIP.

and there are few models and texture free on my sketchfab profile if u want to download :smiley:

profile :

anyone advice?

Pricing is always problematic. At least one thing you don’t wish to do, is price it according to how much effort you have put it into. To be honest the average buyer doesn’t care how much R&D you have put into something, or the number of times you did something, to only find that didn’t work out the way you thought it would. The average buyer of a product, is looking for something that fills a technical need, or a emotional desire of some form.

To get a good idea, go through the marketplace itself, and compare what you believe that you will be offering, to what is already there, then price accordingly. One other thing, don’t let price totally drive you, especially in terms of lowering the price (Unless you are looking for impulse buying of course). If you go to low a good number of people will wonder what is wrong with the product. As well as don’t go too high, remember you can always raise the price, but you cannot lower it (the marketplace will of course let you change the price, but when I say you cannot lower it, that sends the completely wrong signal to the market, that the product is floundering).

The final thing is, make sure your textures cover a range, such as 512 up to 4096, such that your product can go from a low end phone, up to someone with a monster desktop setup. With this, your just trying to make the potential customer pool as large as possible. I would also consider setting up the product, such that parts of it, could be recolored. What if the creator of a game, wishes to allow a lady to have a “pink” hued rusted AK47? The more value you offer, the better the product will sell, and/or be able to be sold at a higher price.

Anyway just my two cents.


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