Need Help About Physics Simulation on Skeletal Mesh

Hello Guys I need some help about collision.

My Zombie is modulars pawn and i face problem about sometimes my zombie corpse fly away with large velocity, (as in video it’s fly upward rapidly) I use UE4 4.21 and corpse is “Ragdoll” collision profile name.

When Zombie Die I spawn Corpse with profile name “Ragdoll” with “NoCollisionEnable” and set SetSimulatePhysics(false) and destroy main zombie pawn after Delay 0.02 wait for preparation of corpse skeletal mesh I set collision enable to “Query and Physics” and SetSimulatePhysics(true)

but problem still same and cause randomly , I think best way is limit linear velocity but It’s not have this feature from Editor so I need help about best practice to done with it.

Thank in advance and sorry for my bad english.


Your Video seems to be private.

Check if the zombies and the spawned ragdoll both have a collision that can affect each other. They probably try to repel each other with a strong force which creates a “fly away” behaviour!


Your video seems to be private.

Just a shot in the dark, maybe the zombie spawn inside the other zombie and still have collision, which basically meand that they will try to repel eachother with a great force.

Make sure the constraints have collision disabled between the 2 bodies of the constraint