Need help about new level

hi guys im am new here in unreal engine. i was creating a new level. why cant i control the thirdpersoncharacter like in the beginning.and btw
i am creating a teleport blueprint and my problem is that im not the one who is teleporting when i hit the teleport door instead the thirdpersoncharacter i added is the one who is teleporting. i am also wondering what is the reference name of the thirpersoncharacter i am using when i hit the play button?

If you mean with “in the beginning” the template default map, then its because the proper gamemode is selected there.
Since gamemodes are assigned per level, you need to do that in your new level as well.
Go to world settings and check what is selected as gamemode…

thank you kvogler for your reply i am doing this kind of blueprint

and my problem is that when i switch to the new level i cant get the thirdpersoncharacter variable my only choices are like this

Ah, I see. I guess in the new map you only places a player start location?
If you want to access the character from the level BP, you need to place the character in the level.
Just like in the example map. There is the character and a player start position.
If you dont need to access the character from the level BP, a player start would be enough.