[NEED HELP] 2D Side-scrolling AI Boss fight

I’m working on my 2D side-scrolling game project. And, I kinda wondering about how do we create a sequence move of the AI boss.
Could anyone suggest documents/tutorials on how to build AI bosses in purely BP without CPP files?

Thank you in advance.


I do not have any tutorials but what I do know is that Boss fights is kinda hard to make depending on what you want even in 2D.

It sounds like you can use Unreals Behaviour tree system but it is quite a steep learning curve
Link: Behavior Trees | Unreal Engine Documentation
This is a guy who explains a very basic concept of making a NPC following you.
Link: WTF Is? AI: Behavior Tree in Unreal Engine 4 ( UE4 ) - YouTube

Here is just a link to some discussion:

Good Luck