Need hedetecting hits

I need to have a blueprint consisting of a box. This box is static, non movable. When it collides with a static mesh(NOT a BP), I want to destroy it.
When I try to use the Actor has tag method, it fails to recognize it as an actor when collision takes place.
Here is the setting : In a FPS game, I want to shoot a cylinder, and when this cylinder collides with this box the box is destroyed. If the bullet, or me or anything else hits the box, nothing must happen.
How do I do this?

Watch some tutorials, it was covered few times.

i did watch tutorials, what I managed to find was involving the player as part of the interaction. Something like opening doors, moving tiles etc. I even found out how to detect a bullet shot out of my gun. Why that does not work for other objects however I do not know. Regardless Ill go through more videos on youtube :slight_smile:

Simply put a debug like if thing have tag print tag found, else print tag not found, so you will be able to see what of the following happens and take backsteps from there, possible outputs:

print tag found
print tag not found
doesnt print anything because it isnt in the path of execution

Oh Im pretty sure its not even detecting it, cause I used the BP editor to see flow of control. When I, or a bullet goes into the wall, the link to branch lights up, and when I shoot the cylinder, well, nothing happens.
Also, I tried tagging the bullet spawned in FPS game to what I wanted to see if it works, but no go. I had to do it to the BP of the bullet though…