Need Hair and Cloth Physics Expert

Project Title:
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This is for an erotic anime game with third person shooting gameplay. It will have at least two characters each with bouncy hair, fluttering skirts, and jiggling breasts.

I have successfully modelled the custom base character in Blender and rigged them to use Mixamo mocap animations.
I need assistance in creating attachable hairpieces, skirts, and (gulp) breasts that will behave with proper physics.

(Note I have tried spring controller but I don’t want to attach further bones onces a mesh has been rigged by Mixamo.
I would rather have a new detachable physics mesh that is socketed to the base character).

just me

Previous Work:
do visual novels count?
UE4 completed experiments:

Talent Required:
Me and this other guy have been trying without much success at achieving apex cloth physics to just work. None of our exported apx files works.
I really need someone out there who knows this stuff. I also read about Nvidia Hairworks – that sounds amazing but it looks like we’ll have to compile our own UE4.
That’s why I’m willing to send a donation via paypal.

My Website:!berlin-scout-ranger/c24vq

E-mail: dafool.visualnews at