Need GPU recommendation for Unreal Engine 5

i need to choose between the following gpus
RTX 3060 12GB
RTX 3060ti 8GB
RTX 3070 8GB
or recommend any other nvidia GPU for UE5 that wont run out of vram for small but heavy projects with RTX and lots of static meshes. my current GPU is gtx 1060 6gb which just crashes running out of vram and on DX12

Hi Shonk,

Any of those would be a good upgrade,

The 4070 (12GB) Will be released next week. (600$ estimated price) and then the 4060 and 4060ti are rumored to come out in May.

So, I’d wait, at very least, the new cards coming out might drive down the prices of the previous gen?

This article says that 8GB is “becoming insufficient” for playing games. But I’m of the opinion that if you’re making things for other people to play, most people will have less than 12GB of VRAM, so learning about how to control/scale VRAM usage would be necessary.


hey, thanks for the reply, i’am not just building a game but making lots of 4k Video renders and most of the time it crashes on 8GB vram cloud PC im using so 12GB will help. btw RTX 3060 12Gb is available for $400 for me do you think the 40 series will come even closer to this price?