Need game timer to be different when pawn is in a different levels

Hey everyone, sorry I post a bunch still getting the use to programming with blueprints.

In my arcade-style VR game, you are only in 3 levels. One is the loading area and then the two maps you’ll be playing in. In one map my timer is 6 minutes long and in the other map, it’s 8 minutes long. I need to figure out a way where it can detect which map you’re in and set the timer accordingly. Would an “if” statement be the best solution? And if so what’s the best to program that. Right now the timer is set in my Game Mode.

Here some images to help. Thanks, everyone!

I think it may be easier to solve this problem with “set timer by function name” nodes or “Timeline” nodes. It would also be better on performance.

Thank you!

Would I do that from Event Tick?

from event begin play, tick is kinda a no no for performance. avoid tick if possible. the set timer by function name nodes can loop if you tell them to. That node should be the way to go for you.

Awesome sounds great. I’ll start messing around and if I have any more questions I’ll pop back here. Thank you again!

@kwijibojaner Everything worked! Well sorta. I got it set up and it runs well! My next question is how do I differentiate the time between levels?

Well you could either cast your starting time from your level blueprint with a variable to your timer blueprint. Or run the timer inside your level BP

I think I’m going to test out the level blueprint one! I had a hunch about that but I wasn’t so sure. Thanks!