Need Full Оptimization.

Hi, Developers!
Can work on a full optimization of the engine?
Large interior (restaurant) in Production quality at the top-end computer produces 15.5 FPS. (32 ram, Geforce 780ti, i7 4930k)
~ 100 different light sources with shadows.
256-1024 map light.
Just for the construction of Production quality light is required at all times of the universe.
Even if you simplify the scene, then the weaker computer viewing become a turn-based strategy.

Want to UE4 replaced the Vray. Ue4 almost Vray only in real-time) + easy navigation.

An experienced programmer, analyzing UE4 said that, theoretically, if the group will work on the engine is very good mathematicians, programmers, then it can work 2-3 times faster.

Can you start a new thread in rendering section of the forum and give us some screenshots please? It maybe something you are missing or doing wrong.

Wow, i didn’t know Epic devs was bad programmers and bad mathematicians, Epic should hire you to manage who will they hire.

This isn’t the goal of UE4 to replace Vray or a ray tracing solution, instead UE4 is mainly 98% game development.

3 floors

24 fps

This can be caused by many things :slight_smile:

-how many tris do you have in your scene?
-how complex are your materials?
-do you run your pc with the “high performance” power mode + with the right gpu + with closed launcher and editor

high performance - Yes, try to achieve photorealism and not see results does not make sense

conducted an experiment and examined the scene of the epic,
FPS drop when in one place radii intersect a large number of light sources with Cast shadow enabled.
if you turn off shadows, FPS up to >70

Achieving photorealism in real time comes with performance cost though.

As you figured out, too many intersecting light sources can be problematic, especially if they are lighting movable objects.

Nice scene. I’m curios about LightMap Complexity(alt+0) as well as Light(alt+7) and Shader Complexity(alt+8).

that looks amazing, no wonder your fps is low.
i agree that there is room for optimization throughout the engine, hope they dont just keep adding bulk for the sake of it (like ue3) and actually produce something wonderful.

ментал отстой1!!! :slight_smile:


Have you tried setting up LODs that cull out outside of camera range? This will help with performance.

Well UE4 is not made for photorealistic archtecture rendering :stuck_out_tongue: don’t expect magic from it, all you can do is tune down the scene or something else that reduces preference need

No wander it’s lagging, it’s all in red.
Some of the objects are set as ‘movable’(khaki one)?

Wasn’t…but it fit’s perfectly, koola proved. 24fps is like 150’000’000 faster than frame per day.

Adam Davis,
Thanks for idea, LOD I did not realize.