Need FPS Rig and Animation of a Weapon

I have a pair of character arms that need the FPS rig transferred to them. I also have a weapon that will be finished sometime this week. I need a set of animations for that weapon and the arms. They will require the following animations.
*Reload (Partially Empty Magazine)
*Reload (Completely Empty Magazine
*Bring Out/Put Away

Please PM me if interested. Pricing is negotiable but I usually roll with a flat fee that obviously includes room for feedback and tweaks. Thank you.

Hey @FledglingLeader - We’ve got a lot of experience animating FPS weapons and arms. In fact we’re working on a pack of weapons for the store right now (though I haven’t posted up any of the animations yet)… you can at least get a good idea of the model quality we make, which is equal to our animation quality.

Anyway, we’ll drop you a line with some more info!