Need for alternative intermediate language/scripting

First, I want to say UE4 engine is great, I really like it and love the features it has, but for me as a C/C++ programmer,I find it a lot more productive just code, that making logic visually by arranging nodes.
At first I thought staying only with C++ would be the solution, but I realized that only compile times after modiying one line (against 2 seconds-compile), or not having the framework API integrated ‘at your hands’ as in UE4 Editor with blueprints is not an option for a long time project.
I would like the option to code 99% of the project and yes, use graphs on other best-suited cases, like anim-graphs.
I hope some day emerges a new middle scripting language and fill this gap. (Please correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t know current state of UE4 C++)

Not sure this is what you’re after, as I’m not a c++ coder, yet o_0, :…hin-the-editor

last post on page:

" Adding editor button which will execute some C++ function is now as simple as it should be.
Just add:
UFUNCTION(BlueprintCallable, CallInEditor)
macro above your function, recompile and button will be there.
Short of that, just use Visual c++ or your choice of external editor , IF that doesn’t help much. Assuming I know for sure what you’re after.,

HOpe this helps some…

This is calling C++ code from UE4 editor, I meant having access to UE4 framework library inside C++ as easy as being within UE4 editor.
Thanks anyway.

I think Epic is aware and did not completely kill the possibility.
There’s a discussion somewhere on Reddit where Tim Sweeney replied giving a lot of insight into the subject some time ago.

Found that post in reddit with Tim Sweeney replies about considering it. Interesting, but 1 year old and no more news as far I can see.
Hope there is something in the works by now.

You might be interested in the fact that Epic purchased the company behind SkookumScript. I can see only one reason to buy such company :wink:…/skookumscript…real-engine-4/

In terms of programming languages, 1 year is really a small time-frame to judge anything yet…

Good to know. I don’t care much about the language, but with good integration with UE4 Framework in-editor, and BP-like compile times.
Now, what is this? Already a plugin from Epic ? Anybody is using this? : SkookumScript in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace

It was a plugin created by this company when they were independent. And the reason why Epic bought them. Development of this plugin halted, “community maintained” is a euphemism meaning that Epic doesn’t support this. Abandoned while they probably working on new scripting language from the ground up.

EDIT: Wait, thre are frequent updates on Skookum GitHub… Puzzling…