Need explanation for this tutorial

I watched this whole tutorial series and it’s what I’ve been looking for. The thing is that it’s for UE4 and I need help to match it with UE5. I’ve been stuck on this stage for several weeks :frowning:

First off, from 1:17, it explains how to retarget, but it’s unavailable in UE5. I already watched/read tons of videos and the official docu about IK Rig and retargeting for UE5, but they are not so helpful for this tutorial.

Second, from 3:01, it explains matching the characters, but no characters show up and no Skeleton Select section on my side.

Could someone explain it for this tutorial, please?
Please don’t give me the link of the official docu and other videos. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been watching/reading them for several weeks already. And they are not helpful for this tutorial.
I’m a very newbie on this field and have no idea what the docu says so much. It seems like the official documents are for people who already have the knowledge of 3D animation, 3D modeling, and etc. It says lots of technical terms that I’m not familiar with. You may tell “Oh, it’s the same. Retargeting has been improved in UE5”. Ye, but the newbies have no idea what’s the differences are, and how to apply it in UE5 from UE4.
Thanks in advance.

the retarget system in UE5 is more complex but gives more flexibility once you’ve took the time to understand it.

there is no simple steps I’m afraid, you need to watch one of those long tutorials about as there are a lot of steps involved.

you didn’t saw your character appear in the right window because you have not set all the settings correctly.

Hi there,

This course is for UE4, and the sample project is available for 4.26 only, so if you want to learn retargeting in UE5, you need a different one. Even control rig has been improved since then. However, this course will give you all the fundamentals for film & TV, and retargeting is just a small component of it.

Learning the new IK retargeting is important, but you still have UE4 to do it in the old way. If you retargeted animations in UE4, you could just export those files to your hard drive and then import them to any U5 project, and you’ll save time.


Love it

Hi, there.
Well, this tutorial is well presented how to make the character animation. This is the best ever I’ve watched. But those two steps block me to progress. My hard drive is almost full, so I’d like to focus on UE5.
After the retargeting procedure, the sequence step looks familiar as I learned it.

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Hi, I’m glad to know it worked out well for you in the end. Make sure to always return to this forum and ask questions, as many as you see fit, no matter if they sound “too basic”. Someone will be willing to help you or give you recommendations. What is important is you get the right direction early on and don’t get stuck in trial-and-errors.

I wish you good luck in your journey.

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Hi, thanks for the encouragement. Actually, I’m holding back many questions as I don’t want to be dependent too much. But as a beginner, there are tons of things I should learn.