need explanation about root motion and networked games

Hi Unreal community,

So, I have put a few hours on messing around with root motion with networking support. In the UE documentation it clearly states that root motion for networked games is only supported trough Anim Montages.
But I have noticed that it does not matter, it works either way.

Scenario 1: Anim blueprints Root Motion Mode set to Root motion from Montages Only, and I drive all animation trough montages, the result is working as it should on multiple clients.

Scenario 2: Anim blueprints Root Motion Mode set to Root motion from Everything, and I drive the animation trough a state machine -> blend space. Inside blendspace, there are 8 root anims, fwd, bwd, strafe left and so on. Result, works like a charm on multiple clients, not what i expected.

The only thing I am replicating is the input event axis values, for fordward and backward. I use those to drive the blendspace or anim montages.

Can someone with insights explain why are anim montages prefered for networked games? when clearly root motion from everything works, which makes life much much easier to work with blendspaces.

Have I missed something?

Regards, T.