Need experienced UE4 programmer! Fun multiplayer game!

Project Title:

This game is a unique first and third-person action shooter centered around deathmatch and competitive team-based objective gamemodes. Featuring tons of weapons, kung fu, slow motion, stunts (such as diving, rolling, flips, slides), breakable environments, and more. Ideally we are aiming for a recreation of The Specialists mod for Half-life as a base:

Previous Work:
Double Action: Boogaloo (Mapper & Animator) --Released
Killing, My Friend (Mapper, UI, Website, Tester) --In Development

Talent Required:
C++ Programmer/Blueprint Scripting

  • Knows how to make “chainable” velocity based movement mechanics. *]Knows how to enable slow motion (including physics/particles/sounds) in a multiplayer setting via LoS & radius. *]Experienced in creating a multiplayer shooter. *]Bonus: Knows how to create modding support. *]Likes John Woo and The Matrix

Current Situation:
We have a fully working networked multiplayer first and third person shooter currently setup in a modular fashion. Who I am looking for is someone who can come on board and start fleshing out the many other mechanics of the game, start adding in our animations for those mechanics, blend them as required, and overall just start filling in the blanks. We’ve got a good start, but I need an experienced UE4 developer to boost this development into overdrive (with as much time as they have to spare).

Domains purchased, waiting for more game content to establish the website.

This project has a decent fund, enough to create a solid alpha version. Ultimately afterwards, we are aiming for a small successful crowdfund when we’re ready as it is tradition with indie games. Let me know how much you think is enough for you to get started on this, I’ll try to be as fair as possible, depending on the work you do I’ll most likely pay you more. Preferably though, I’d like a passionate programmer that is ready to take this head on and get things done, the project being primary and income is secondary. I’ll take care of you, if you take care of us.

If you’re interested, to apply I just need to see your previous work and to know that you are confident you know how UE4 works and how you can make it work for you, as our features are quite demanding and most likely haven’t quite been done in UE4 yet to my knowledge. So if you want a challenge and want to get paid while creating a ridiculously fun game, please be sure to message me and include your rates, thanks. (I am open to royalties as well)

Or PM on here since that gives me an email anyway.

Updated :slight_smile:

Multiplayer and slow motion?

It’s possible. You slow down only people that are in certain radius from you, that’s how max payne 3 did it.

I’d find that really frustrating, to be honest.

Frustrating as a developer or as a player?

I’m seconding the opinion that slow motion and multiplayer don’t go together. So, it it’s in a radius, then someone outside that radius will have an easier time aiming and shooting someone inside the slow motion bubble. That would really be terrible as a shooter and it’s just asking to be used as an exploit in a non intended manner.

That’s why there was “LoS & radius” in the original post. Be creative guys, it can be done to a good extent. Not saying it will be easy though.

Example, there is a slow motion fight with 2 or 3 people in an open area and you are around the corner of a building with a rifle. You pop your head around the corner to shoot, then enter slow motion and the guy with the knife sneaking up on you now is in slow motion as well. It would suck.

With LOS as a trigger then you’d have people walking around backwards to try to stay in real time against opponents in slow motion. That is if enough people thought it was enjoyable enough that there would be anyone else on the server.

Triggering Slow motion in the engine is really easy and can be done just in blueprints. Add the feature to Shooter Game or Unreal Tournament and post some video of the gameplay actually looking enjoyable.

Player. Firstly, someone can activate that effect and trap me in it due to radius / line of sight, it’s a loss of control on my part. Secondly, I can be picked off by someone else who isn’t being affected since their aim and rate of fire is unmodified, which is awful.

Max Payne 3 isn’t exactly renowned for having great multiplayer.

Hey guys, haha didn’t expect so much discussion. I can tell you the slow motion is thoroughly tested in the multiplayer game The Specialists, a Half-life mod as seen from the video. Slow motion in that mod is incredibly well done and I believe it’s by radius and line of sight, in fact I think it was the first multiplayer game to have slow motion back in 2000, way ahead of its time, which is why I feel it’s worth bringing it to a next generation engine.

If the radius and line of sight combo doesn’t work, we’ll just have to figure out a better way to do it, but we’ll try those first.

Anyone thoroughly experienced with UE4 and C++ (and BP) please be sure to PM me to work on this project.

What people dont get, is that its possible due to proper design of levels, in the specialist they didnt have open areas bigger than a radius of affect, so all your bad scenarios are impossible.

Ah yea you’re right, I didn’t think of it that way, that is part of why it works so well. But even in maps such as ts_lobby or ts_fall where there were big open spaces, it still plays fairly well (though I’ve been playing for +10 years). The thing is, when slowmo is activated, you automatically know right away that there is an enemy player nearby and you don’t have long to take advantage of it or to defend yourself from it. What’s also cool about slowmo is that it’s basically a different layer of the game that opens a further dimension of action, allowing players to make more accurate decisions mid-combat, and one must learn to defend themselves or put themselves in a better position to defend against the use of it. I could go on and on about the mechanics of The Specialists that go well beyond any shooter today, which is why it is important to rebuild and expand upon such an evolutionary experience. Though I feel it may be too advanced and difficult for most gamers (especially today) to get a strong grasp for the mechanics, there has always been an obvious skill gap in such a game, but it’s still fun anyway regardless :slight_smile:


I would like to propose my interested for this task, I am Senior Unreal Engine Developer with 4+ years of experience.
I have been working over Upwork from past 4+ years, Have a look at my Upwork profile:
Link :

Looking forward hearing from you !

Thanks & Regards,

Thanks for your interest, I’ll let you know if I require your services

Still searching! I am looking for someone who is motivated by passion and has the ambition to help create this awesome game, the love for it is what will really push the game in the right direction. Sorry to sound cheesy, but I don’t believe this project to just be another shooter, it’s a leap for the fps genre that is so necessary at this point in time. So if you have the skills and talent and want monies (some at the start, but even more after release), please get in touch with me. Thanks.

that accually looks really funny xD id totally play it as a “troll game” (when bored and want to have fun) with my friend xD

The Specialists isn’t really a game that is easy to troll in, the learning curve and division among new and pro players is very apparent so good luck I suppose, but yes there are quite a lot of trolls (or were). If you want a not so serious version of this game genre check out Double Action: Boogaloo a game I helped create on Source.

Did it sell well? I think people want to know prior to joining, the game might seem fun, but will people buy & play?
Have you thought about a server architecture? dedicated or player hosted?

The Specialists and Double Action: Boogaloo are both free games. Of which TS has easily had over 500k downloads and DAB has over 1.8 million owners even being free that is quite a lot, I don’t have any doubt that a proper recreation will have people want to buy it. Servers are both dedicated and listen by players, with some official servers of course.