Need Experienced 3D Character Artist for Original HQ Realistic Human Character


I’m in need of an experienced 3D character artist to create an original high quality realistic human character based on sports from start to finish - sculpting, modeling, retopo, texturing, etc. The model doesn’t need to be rigged now, but the model should take future rigging and animating into consideration for topology design. There’s no concept art but there’s nearly infinite reference material that we’ll be pulling from.

The level of fidelity should be comparable to that of the TwinBlast bust model from the Photorealistic Character Example We won’t need hair as the character will be wearing a helmet.

The artist should be able to read and write fluent English as that’s how we’ll be communicating and accept Paypal for payment.

ZBrush (Hard Surface and Organic scultping)
Substance Painter

Models in FBX
Textures (BaseColor, Normal, Occlusion / Roughness / Metallic) in TGA at 4K resolution

1 month. Final deliverables need to be delivered by the end of October. The sooner the better.

If all goes well, there may be additional character models ordered from you in the future.

If interested, please send an email to [EMAIL=“”] with your portfolio, pay rate, and a rough estimate of total cost.

Hey @DanimalsOnParade this is right up our alley and a project we are definitely interested in. You mention a one month turn-around, but are you flexible considering there’s no concept art? Cheers!

Hello, thanks for your interest! At best there might be some wiggle room of a week, but I prefer that the art assets not hold up the project.

Thank you everyone who has emailed me. I’ll be looking over portfolios over the weekend and will get back to your emails. I hope to have this started next week. :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone for your interest. I have selected an artist so this freelance job is no longer available.