need directions!

Hello all,
Im very new to this! Can i get some pointers ? I am trying to make a level where we need to pick up an object and plcae it and want to know what cubes are plcaed in conjuction to one another . i figured out the picking up and placing part , but how to build the rest? how do i know which cube is placed next to which cube. can any one please help me?
Thanks in advanced!

Each cube could have a collision box bigger then the cube mesh and handle OnBeginOverlap event and check which was the actor (cube) that overlapped.
Something along this lines…

Hello @HEAD3AD and welcome to the community!

I’ve found a thread in our AnswerHub that sounds similar to what you want to achieve! Reply to let me know if this helps or points you in the right direction! We’re so happy to have you here!