Need devs to start making high quality video games

My name is Taylor and if you are passionate about playing a creating games like myself then we would be a great team. There is no money envolved only to create amazing games and be really good friends in the long run, say if we hit a spark with a great idea for a game and we can execute then maybe we can go farther. I am not looking for a massive team, maybe 4 to 5 people if the more people want in then why not, I am not here to make poor looking games, I am serious about game development and i want the games to unique and high quality

I myself animate, model, and texture in substance painter, but do not know anything about code or UE

I am not looking for AAA devs but I am not looking for begginers, I want intermediate+ devs that grow and learn as we all work together.

I would like to work everyday

My portfolio:

Please email me if you are interested in creating high quality indie games -


  • 2+ Programmers who are very familiar with C++
  • 1+ Texturing artist, whos knows how to use Substance Painter
  • 1 extra 3D modeler/animator
  • 1-2 people who know inside and out of UE4
  • Creative
  • Can communicate and execute what they want in the game

Hi Taylor - perhaps you would be interested in working with us on our game - War For Orion.

Check out our job advertiement here:!

If you are interested, private message me back here on these forums, or add me on Skype: dyotoorion5 or drop me an email at

Would be great to hear from you. Cheers! :slight_smile: