Need developers for Survival Game

Frequent updates of the project will be posted here.

Project Title: Stranded

The player is stranded on a raft in the middle of the ocean. The player must survive on their own raft. Fortunately, due to human’s disrespect to recycle, many resources find themselves floating out in the ocean. The player must acquire these materials by using a hook with rope. With these resources the player can expand his raft and build upon it so that if someone passes by, they can be rescued. The player must survive each day and night, maintaining their hydration, hunger and health.

** At this moment there is no end story. This is subject to change later in development. **

Multiplayer is still in consideration.

More information can be seen on our Game Design Document. A preview of the GDD is shown below. Full GDD can be shown on request.

Who am I?
I am a new member to UE4 but am familiar with Unity. Before game development, my main focus was Java. I am looking for team members to collaborate with me to create my game.

During the development stage, this project will be posted on crowdfunding pages such as Kickstarter to cover a variety of costs: team members, publishing and any other costs towards the advancement of the game. Once the game has reached a playable state, versions of the game will be distributed across the internet, and revenue will be split accordingly to contributors of this project.

Team members needed:
Unreal Engine Developers (C++ preferably)
3D Artists
Anyone who believes they can contribute someone to the project.

Maturity and composure – a good attitude.
Willingness to help out.
Ability to suggest recommendations and creative ideas.
Skype, for communication purposes.

General Features of the Game (Game Design Document below):
Hook resources from the ocean (Like reeling in a fishing rod)
Waves of items (Items flow past the raft with the swell)
Base building (Grid system. For example, one object per square)
Placeable items (Cooking pots, chests. Not locked to a grid! Can be placed where desired)
Inventory system with bottom hot bar
Crafting system
Hold selected item in hand, with animations
Notification box

More information can be seen on our Game Design Document: Coming Soon

If you are interested or have any enquiries, please message me on this post, private message me or add me on skype:

Thank you!

Still looking for developers.

So basicly… “Raft”?

Almost, but I believe it is unfinished and there are many ways it can improve. Also, it seems that the developers are not that focused on it.

Hello!I am admirer of your company!Please ,can you find some work for the young specialist?
my skills are art,modelling,rigging,texturing,animation.
work in mary,3ds ,maya,blender,zbrush,photoshop,
topogun and other.

i will consider any offers
Thank you for your attention and a good day to you!

Yeah indeed. Was no offense though, it’s not a bad thing to take a concept of a different game and improve it.
Good luck with the project, would love to see a WIP thread about it.