Need desperate Help for Kinematic With Simulated Parents

In the tutorial at this link, discussing constraint profiles (Applying a Physics Constraint Profile in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation) it goes through how to lock the hands on a ledge to show an example of hands appearing to hold on to a ledge. I can get one hand to hold on to it, but not both, even though when I simultate in the physics asset simulation both hands hold up. I’ve tried so many things but I do not understand where I am going wrong. Can someone help me understand where I am going wrong? I am attaching pics of both the run time scene where one hand is holding up in the main editor when it is run, and a pic where the simulation shows both. I am using the same blueprint coding as shown in the tutorial on the link(its at the bottom of the tutorial). Can anyone help perhaps with some insight as to what I might be doing wrong? note: in the tutorial it shows both hands holding the body up.