Need Constructive Feedback About Level/Map Making

So I have just finished creating my first level/map in UE4 not for any game in particular but more for the fun of it, seeming it is my first map i want to know what i could do to improve it.

Source files : Dropbox - Error - Simplify your life


I suggest posting a video or at least screenshots, instead of a downloadable archive. That makes your work much more accessible, and thus increases the feedback outreach. Otherwise you force people to download and extract a large file, from unknown origin, eventually very large, taking time … no info on version, file size … but maybe that’s just me.


I totally agree with unit23. Why would people take time to download a large file they don’t have any idea of what is supposed to be in ? Be sure that few screenshots will make more people in desire to see your work and give you usefull feedback.

gl ^^

Pictures have been added aswell as the download for the source files if anyone want them still unless you require me to remove them to comply with forum rules.