Need Clarification on How to declare a TList not TARRAY

this is a simple question to help me learn the various differences in how to declare variables.

I want to create a list of x just to see the variable appear in the details panel

I Already Made a TARRAY with no problem so im moving onto the next type in line.

It seems TList needs to be setup Differently but im unsure how or even why something like this,

UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, Category = "NameList")
		TList<FString> NameList;

Doesn’t work like TARRAY.

It does specify needing to be a type UCLASS, USTRUCT, or UENUM,

but im here to understand how to make TList the supported Type, what im missing and how to make it show in the details panel, if it’s even possible?

UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere,Category = “NameList”)
TSet NameList

Seems to be the actual list type where TList is a linked list type which i am unfamiliar with,

Still unsure on how to make TList show up in details panel, however it seems what I though TList was is actually what TSet seems to be. with a few caveats that TArray seems to handle a bit better.