Need clarification on adjusting current crafting amounts

Hey all,

I browsed a bit before posting, but I didn’t find anything that explicitly covers this. I’m new to modding, and I wanted to start off by doing a simple balance mod that alters crafting amounts (like less stone for cementing paste). The tutorials I saw covered making new items where they copy/pasted an existing item as a starting point. They had to rename it and make sure it connected with the other appropriate files. For adjusting current crafting amounts would I need to make a new cementing paste (+link it to everything/create an engram) or can I just simply override the current cementing paste blueprint?

Hopefully my question is clear…haha


You could just simply make a new cementing paste and just use the Remap Item array to remap it. Please do note, that you will have to link it to everything/create an engram. So technically it’s both of your last questions, but to clarify, you will need to remap everything still though regarding cementing paste.

Hope this helps!

  • Sinari


How does this apply to the discussed dirty mods and stacking mods? I’m guessing this would be a core altering kind of mod, but I’d ideally like it usable with other mods since I’m focused on balancing crafting prices so far.

~ Aieron

It would fall under the category of slightly Dirty I think because you are actually remapping a core item to be replaced with a new one. But don’t fret, as long as it is not used with another mod that involved remapping the same item there theoretically shouldn’t be any compatability problems with other mods.