Need C++ Programmer to integrate Wwise (Audio Middleware) into UnrealTournament

Looking to pay someone [Price to be discussed] to integrate Audiokinetic’s Wwise audio system into Unreal Tournament.

I’m a sound designer with minimal programming knowledge looking to get Wwise to work in Unreal Tournamnet as part of a personal project for my portfolio.

I’ve so far managed to sucessfully build the ‘vanilla’ version of UnrealTournament from source, but I’ve hit a wall with attempting to merge the Wwise UE4 Integration repo with Unreal Tournaments and then successfully rebuild. I get compile errors that I’m unable to fix due to lack of programming knowledge and experience, so really i’m looking for someone get this up and running for me.

Unreal Tournament (if you didn’t already know) is an open source game in development by Epic, currently the latest release build is running on UE4.8 and is available from Epic’s Github. - It’s the ‘release’ branch I am after not the ‘clean-master’ as it is often in an unstable state.

Audiokinetic provide their own fork of UE4 with the modified Wwise Integration files -

The applicable branch must be downloaded, which in this case is 4.8 as that is the engine version UnrealTournament is currently on.

Detailed instructions on how to integrate this with UE4 can be found here -

However, UnrealTournamnet is more than just a vanilla copy of the UE4 source code, as it is a game already in development and there are modifications to the engine code. This means that the Wwise Integration files must be merged manually rather than just copying and replacing the originals as shown in the method linked.

I’ve tried to do this myself but I’m running into troubles when trying to rebuild after merging.

Please send me a PM if you’re interested in getting this working,built and uploaded for me to download.

As this is paid I’m going to be looking for someone with some sort of credibility who isn’t going to run off with my cash :wink:



I responded to your Upwork ad. I’ve already got it mostly integrated. Just running down some weird bugs (OnlineJsonSerializer.h missing? But I’m looking at it? WWise must have fubar’d the build system somehow.)

awesome, contacted you on there